Hacktoberfest - My 4th

This is the fourth contribution I have made for Hacktoberfest.
It is a shopping web application.

The issue can be found here.
When I view shopping cart page, then I change my mind to continue shopping. It toke me sometime to find a way to go back to any other page, so I can do something other than check out.

Here is the pull request I have made.
I add a continue shopping button on the shopping cart page and it redirect to the main page.

It took me times to find a suitable program to contribute. When I do the exploring, I found myself helpless:(. There are so many interesting program on github. I am trying to get involved but I can't. Anyway, I do find some good program I would like to dig a little deeper. Like a PDF maker, a CSS element editor and so on.

I learned my weakness but never give up.


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