First Contribute to Open Source

Contributing Process
  • Open the app (GitHub Pages) and use it. Figure out if there had any problem.
  • Open the GitHub Repo if I decided to contribute to it; then fork it.
  • Made changes on new branch, test it on local and pull request.

Issues I Filed
For this one, I think add a feature as clean content by ctrl+z will be better than press delete button all the time.

For this one, I fix a little bug. This bug do not affect the use of app which I don't know why. It should do. I will spend time to figure it out later.

Pull Requests I Created
By adding code:
By fixing code:

Pull Requests I Reviewed

Pull 1:
I merged it directly.

Pull 2:
I made some change then merged it.

Pull 3:
I will add some feature before I merge it.


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