Project - Stage 1.0 - Project Optimize Plan

Previous Reading

 Background Learning

Project Performance Test

Server used in this test is Aarch64
$ ssh

Fork and Clone from Github
$ git clone
$ cd qrcode

$ make

Benchmarking tool I am going to use is time. This project is about decoding, the faster the project can read a given QR code, the better the performance is. Because it is a local testing, the network speed has been ignored.
$ time ./qrcode -v images/QR_damaged.png > output.html 

Project Code Reading

The original vision code is good enough to me. It contains almost every aspect I have learned about QR code. The decoding process include some repeat calculate. I guess change the way of calculation may influence the performance.

Project Optimize Strategy

The strategy I will use in Stage 2 to attempt to optimize is Algorithm improvements.


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